Faculty Scholarship and Research Guide

Use this guide to learn how to do cited reference searching to find out how often you have been cited and by whom. Tips are also shared on how to identify the best publication for your research and ways to share your scholarship.

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Overview or Why Should I Use this Guide?

Where you publish can be as important as what you publish. This decision impacts the discoverability of your research, your research profile and how your research is perceived by your university and colleagues.  This guide gives a brief overview of the tools available to you to manage your scholarship and research profile. The tabs above cover the following topics:

  • Identifying Publications for My Research 
  • Managing Your Research Profile 
  • Who is Citing Me? 
  • Google Scholar 
  • Scopus 
  • More ZU Databases 
  • Altmetrics 
  • Learn More about Open Access 
  • Other Available Tools