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Faculty Scholarship and Research Support

Use this guide to learn how to do cited reference searching to find out how often you have been cited and by whom. Tips are also shared on how to identify the best publication for your research and ways to share your scholarship.


According to Wikipedia:

"Altmetrics are new metrics proposed as an alternative to the widely used journal impact factor and personal citation indices like the h-index. The term altmetrics was proposed in 2010, as a generalization of article level metrics and has its roots in the twitter #altmetrics hashtag. Although altmetrics are often thought of as metrics about articles, they can be applied to people, journals, books, data sets, presentations, videos, source code repositories, web pages, etc. Altmetrics cover not just citation counts, but also other aspects of the impact of a work, such as how many data and knowledge bases refer to it, article views, downloads, or mentions in social media and news media."


Resources about Altmetrics

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SPARC primer on ALMs

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Presentation: Beyond traditional impact: What can Altmetrics do for you?