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Faculty Services

Library Services and Resources for Faculty


All faculty can place library materials on 'Reserve' for use by students in a particular class or subject. All reserved items are available for either library use only, or for hourly or short term loans. Ask at the Circulation Desk for details.

Your Liaison Librarian can also assist you to place links to articles or online resources using Blackboard. Contact the Liaison Librarian for your College or subject area.

Reserve request form

Service Desks


Main Library

Circulation Desk: 02 599 3627

Reference Desk: 02 599 3840

Curriculum Resource Center

CRC Desk: 02 599 3646

Learning Commons

LC Female Desk: 02 599 3681

LC Male Desk: 02 599 3752

Main Library

Circulation Desk: 04 402 1701

Reference Desk: 04 402 1702

Learning Commons

LC Desk: 04 402 1703

Contact your Liaison Librarians

If you are having difficulties accessing our online library resources off-campus, please consult this Off-Campus Access Guide

For general inquiries, send us an email at:

Abu Dhabi:


Faculty Liaison Librarians

Faculty Liaison Librarians are appointed to specialize and work with all subject areas of the university. Your Faculty Liaison Librarian is able to assist with ordering materials in your subject area, with you and your students making the best possible use of all library resources, and with information literacy teaching to students.

Liaison Librarians are also available to partner with faculty in an endeavor to assist with faculty teaching including the use of course reserves and linking information from Blackboard, to maximize awareness and use of library and web resources, and to support faculty research and study.


Liaison Librarians partner with departments as new courses and programs are approved.