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ZU Scholars

What is ZU Scholars?

ZU Scholars Institutional Repository (

ZU Scholars is an institutional repository for all Zayed University's research, scholarship and creative works, including research articles, conference proceedings, working papers, student works and more. In addition to full text files, ZU Scholars can also accommodate non-textual content such as images, audio and video. The repository is managed by the Zayed University Library.

The Library imports metadata for new Zayed University publications regularly from Scopus. The Library also adds full text files for Creative Commons licensed works. Other works and files must be submitted manually.

Benefits of submitting works

Faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to submit all their completed works to ZU Scholars.

ZU Scholars...

  • Showcases all institutional research in one place
  • Makes your works openly available and accessible to a larger audience
  • Improves the visibility of your articles in Google, Google Scholar and other search engines
  • Enables you to track usage and impact of your works (e.g., downloads, citations, altmetrics)
  • Opens up opportunities for collaboration outside of academia
  • Provides a stable and library-curated home for your works
  • Is part of a larger Digital Commons Network which brings together works from hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide