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Course Review Guide for Librarians

How do I complete a course review

Procedure for Library Resources/ Course Review


  1. When there is an updated or modified course or a new course, the College representative should email the course syllabus of the changed or new course to the Library Director.
  2. The Library Director should then send the syllabus to the subject/course Liaisons and remind them to complete the review within 14 working days.
  3. Liaisons, will review and send back to the Library Director a completed course review form to the Library director with recommendations of what is needed.
  4. The Library Director will review the Liaisons recommendations and complete the last section either approving or recommending for what is needed as seen fit.
  5. After completing the Director’s section, the Library Director is to email back the duly completed form to the Chair of the respective Curriculum Review Committee and copy the requesting faculty and the Department Chair.

Mary Sengati-Zimba, August 2018