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Libkey Nomad Browser Plugin - One Click Full-Text Tool

Libkey one click full-text tool

What is Libkey Nomad

Maximize your research efficiency with just one click!   Install LibKey Nomad.

The library is excited to offer you free access to the LibKey Nomad browser plugin so that you can easily connect to full text while you are searching online for articles.

LibKey Nomad will instantly check for full-text availability from the library and present you with the single best and fastest link to download the PDF, view the article, or request it from the library if it is not immediately available.

How to install Libkey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is available to download on the web browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi and Safari.

To install the browser extension go to the Download Nomad webpage, select 'Get LibKey Nomad Now', and select the web browser you would like to download the extension to.

Illustrates selection options for web browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi and Safari.

Clicking on the browser link will take you directly to the LibKey Nomad page in the browser’s web store. Follow the instructions to install the extension - for example, clicking ‘Add to Chrome’ will install LibKey Nomad within Google Chrome.

When LibKey Nomad has been successfully installed you will be asked to select an organisation. Once you have selected 'Zayed University, LibKey Nomad is ready to use.