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University Archives

This guide provides information about the University Archives at Zayed University.

About the University Archives

University Archives Statement of Purpose

The Zayed University Archives is the official repository for inactive ZU records having permanent historical, administrative, academic, legal, and/or fiscal value. Administered by the Library and Learning Commons, the University Archives serves as the institutional memory of the University.   

The primary mission of the University Archives is to collect, appraise, organize, describe, preserve and make accessible institutional records and other materials of enduring value in all formats that reflect the history and development of Zayed University.

Archives Research Room Guidelines

The University Archives Research Room in open to all ZU students, faculty and staff. Access is granted to researchers from outside the ZU community on a case by case basis. The University Archives is located on the third floor of the ZU Library in Abu Dhabi. Contact the University Archivist for more information or to schedule an appointment.


The Zayed University Archives are available by appointment. Please contact the University Archivist at least 24 hours beforehand to arrange an appointment. Appointments may be scheduled anytime the library is open but we do require advanced notice to ensure proper staffing. Archival materials must be utilized within the Archives Research Room. Archival collections do not circulate.


Some records and other materials containing sensitive information may have access restrictions. In order to access restricted records, individuals must apply to the archives for permission, stating the purpose and scope of their research. The Archivist  will consult with the originating office to obtain approval or denial.

Checking In

Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign the visitor register and provide your ZU ID number. This information helps the archives to keep usage statistics and improve our services.‚Äč

Personal Items

All personal items (such as coats, purses, book bags, laptop cases, etc.) must be deposited at the archives reference desk.

Items Prohibited in Reading Room

Examples of barred items include (but are not limited to) the following items.


Food and drink

Chewing Gum


Book bags



Laptop cases

Brief cases

Items Permitted in Reading Room

Only paper, pencils and needed references or notes may be used in the reading room. Pencils are provided, and scratch paper will also be made available on request. Under no circumstances may pens be used. Laptop computers are permitted. Cell phones are permitted but we request that you switch them off or to silent. The use of scanners, cameras, or video recording equipment must be approved by ZU Library staff.

Number of Records Per User

Researchers may have only one box at their table at a time. This is to ensure that records do not get filed inadvertently in a wrong folder/box. Please alert the archivist or archives staff member at the reference desk when you are ready to switch boxes. They will be happy to assist you.

Appropriate Handling of Records

Archival material must be handled with care. Items must not be marked or folded and their existing order must be maintained because it might be historically meaningful.  We ask that you please wash your hands before using archival collections. Fragile collections may require the use of protective gloves and/or other resources. In that case, the archivist will advise you and provide the needed supplies. Surfaces of photographic prints should never be touched.

Closed Stacks

The archives stacks are open only to ZU Library staff. Items requested at the reference desk will be retrieved for you.


Consult with the archivist or staff member at the reference desk. Provided the item is not restricted, we will arrange to provide you with the needed copies. If the copyright is not held by the ZU Archives, copies will be made in accordance with fair-use guidelines. The ZU Library reserves the right, at its discretion, to restrict photocopying/scanning of any material.


Consult the University Archivist for assistance with citing archival materials.

University Policy

University Policy ACA-LIB-06: University Archives (approved March 27, 2012)