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Information Literacy Resource Library

Zayed University Information Literacy Resource Library

Need to help your students understand how to evaluate resources they are using in their research?

Need a tutorial or worksheet to use in class for students to understand how to use a library database?

You have come to the right place!


Attribution and Creative Commons License Statement

Material added to this resource library is intended to be shared among ZU faculty, staff, and students and should have an attribution and Creative Commons "non-commercial share alike" statement.  This statement should appear at the bottom of worksheets and handouts, and somewhere on the box if the resource is a LibGuides box.

Original Creator attribution and license statement:

Resource created by [your name] Zayed University Library and Learning Commons [date]. CC by 4.0
Last Reviewed/Revised [date]

Original Creator example:
Resource created by Kate Holvoet Zayed University Library and Learning Commons 14-01-15. CC by 4.0
Last Reviewed/Revised 09-02-16.

Adapted Resource attribution and license statement [whenever possible, provide a link to the original content].

Resource adapted from [resource title, creator name, Zayed University Library and Learning Commons] by [your name] [date]. CC by 4.0
Last Reviewed/Revised [date]

Adapted resource example:
Resource adapted from Evaluating Information, by Amy Weir, Humber Libraries and from Evaluating Websites by Seneca Libraries by Kate Holvoet, Zayed University Library and Learning Commons, 09-02-16. CC by 4.0
Last Reviewed/Revised 09-02-16

Note about Mapped boxes and pages

If you want to reuse a box or page that already exists, you have two choices:

1. You can make a copy of the box/page and make any edits or changes that you like.

2. You can choose to have the box/page mapped to the original, which will keep your box up to date with any changes that the original creator makes, but will not allow you to make any changes. 

When you create a new box/page, there is a tab titled "reuse existing box (or page)".  One of the options you can check is making a copy of the box that you can edit- keeping it mapped is the default setting.