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O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform

Steps to access the new O'Reilly Learning Platform (formerly known as Safari Book Online)

O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform Access

Safari Database has been upgraded to the new O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform. Here's the guide to access the new platform.

1. Start here:

2. Enter your ZU email address (academic institution email) in the field and click Let's Go.

3. A welcome message will pop up once you enter your email successfully. You will be directed to the platform. You will also receive an email to complete the account setup. Account creation is optional. However, we encourage users to set their password to complete the account. Creating an account allows you to use the O'Reilly mobile app for off-line viewing or reading of content.


4. You may now access to the resources under the new O'Reilly platform.


Note: Whenever you click on the direct link of the resources, you will be presented with a patron validation screen and prompted to enter your academic email address.