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Arabic & Islamic Studies

A Subject Resource Guide for Arabic & Islamic Studies

Finding Books

World catalogs and resources

World Cat - The most comprehensive, worldwide bibliographic resource available.  ZU subscription database with limited concurrent users.

The European Library - The European Library is an internet portal which offers access to the combined resources (books, magazines, journals.... - both digital and non-digital) of the 45 national libraries of Europe. It offers free searching and can deliver digital objects - some free, some priced.

 Google Books - Compiled from both publisher information, giving you the option to buy the resources, and resources from the Google Books Library Project.  This project gives access to several world library catalogs, and will make the full text of the book available online when it is out of copyright.

  Google Scholar - Find world-wide research resources from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. 

Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg's collection of more than 10,000 mostly consists of older literary works that are in the public domain.

 Online Books - Lists over 20,000 free books on the web.





Other Catalogs

Ebooks at ZU

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E-Book Search in Quick Find



This search does not include results from Pan Arab E-Books, Kotob Arabia, or Safari Tech Books Online.

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