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College of Natural and Health Sciences

A resource guide for Natural & Health Sciences and Public Health, and Psychology

Public and Community Health Guide

This guide helps you find library resources. 

Search with a Purpose!

If you start with specific, relevant searches, then your results will be more specific and relevant.

Key terms you search for may change, depending on the kind of info you want, the kind of resources you search for, and where you search.

Multiple key words --> What is the best way to state my topic? Are there other similar keywords or phrases?

  • sustainability / "sustainable development" / "sustainable living" / "green movement"

Phrases in quotes --> Put phrases of 2 or more words in quotes, in order to search for the words together

  • "biological conservation"

Combine keywords --> How can I save time searching multiple ideas or concepts? 

  • "ecology and environment" 

Truncation   --> Are there variations on a root word that I can save time searching for?

  • sustainab* (searches for sustainable or sustainability)

Keywords & Subject Headings

Environmental health keywords:

  • environmental science
  • environmental health
  • public health
  • wellness
  • environmental pollutants
  • environmental medicine
  • workplace safety

Finding Articles in Library Databases

These databases include scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles related to ecology and conservation topics.

Web Resources for Health in the UAE

Web Resources for Health Care & Education

Web Resources - General Academic Health Sites