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College of Natural and Health Sciences

A resource guide for Natural & Health Sciences and Public Health, and Psychology

Find Natural & Life Sciences Information - Getting Started

Click one of the following to find resources related to NSPH:

Natural Sciences and Public Health Databases

These databases index journals articles, newsletters, books, documents, and dissertations related to Natural Sciences and Public Health. For help with using any of these resources, please contact one of the librarians.

Why use articles?

Articles are useful for:

  • research related to your topic
  • often current and specific information
  • more in-depth information
  • peer-reviewed (scholarly) information -- often required by instructors!
  • bibliographies for further research related to the topic

NSPH Journal Resources

Extensive Online & Full-text Journals at ZU

Through our databases subscriptions at Zayed University, we have online and full-text access to journal titles. Follow these links for full- text access in the following subject areas:

You can search in our library catalog for any specific journal title, or Serials Solutions (which indexes ZU journal titles which are covered by our database subscriptions). 

These links were compiled through Serial Solutions. If you need to search for a particular article, rather than browse the whole journal, select one of our databases.