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College of Natural and Health Sciences

A resource guide for Natural & Health Sciences and Public Health, and Psychology

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What if you don't have a book I need?

If there is a journal article or book that you need, and ZU does not have access to it, then try our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service!

Interlibrary Loan is the service that allows students, faculty and staff to borrow materials from other libraries in order to meet their study and research needs at ZU.

For more information and how to request items, visit our Inter Library Loan (ILL) page.

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Suggested Keywords & Subject Headings

Environmental health keywords:

  • environmental science
  • environmental health
  • public health
  • wellness
  • environmental pollutants
  • environmental medicine
  • workplace safety

Health care & education keywords:

  • health education
  • health promotion
  • health care
  • health services
  • patient education
  • health knowledge

Nutrition keywords:

  • diet
  • food contamination
  • food preservation
  • nutrition policy
  • nutrition study and teaching

Psychology keywords:

  • adolescent psychology
  • child psychology
  • psychology research
  • social psychology
  • psychological aspects

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