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Information Literacy

Information Literacy

As humans, we like to find out about things. It may be information about our next holiday destination or a health condition or a question we need to answer for our studies. Being able to use different ways of finding information and being able to judge whether the information is trustworthy or accurate is vital:it opens up choices, empowers us and can give us more confidence. This is information literacy.

Adapted from 'An Information Literacy Statement for Wales'. Greynog Conference 2009

IL Curriculum Integration

Information Literacy Pyramid 2012

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IL at ZU

Vision Statement

The vision of the Zayed University Library Information Literacy (IL) Program is to provide the Zayed University (ZU) community with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively identify, find, evaluate and use information for academic success and to support lifelong learning.

This combination of skills and knowledge is known as "Information Literacy." The program is designed within the specific cultural context of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to meet the needs of our unique student body, for whom Arabic is the first language.

The IL Program is committed to foundational and integrated instruction that respects the diversity of learners and learning styles, emphasizes active learning and incorporates the latest trends in available technology and pedagogical approaches. Assessment is used to revise and improve teaching and learning.

The Information Literacy Program supports Zayed University's mission, the ZU Information Literacy Learning Outcome and the Academic Program Model.

The IL Program will enable students to achieve information literacy competency as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Standards for Information Literacy Competency for Higher Education, and follows the ACRL Characteristics of Best Practices in Information Literacy as well as the guidelines of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

The IL Program develops effective partnerships with ZU students, faculty, staff, administrators and other groups in the UAE to enhance information literacy at ZU and in the broader community.