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Nouf's test guide

Your Assignment - DXB

Final paper

Students will write a paper that responds to a particular object, manuscript painting, or building and will be required to submit a draft outline prior to the final submission

  1. Introduction—please provide a paragraph to introduce the subject of your paper
  2. Description of the object, manuscript painting, or building in detail—this description requires you to look closely at the work and write about what you see
  3. Historical section—write about the period/empire to which the work belongs; provide details on the kind of artwork and architecture made by the empire
  4. Analysis of the work—what is important about it; try to develop a new understanding of the work based on the research you have done
  5. Conclusion—write a paragraph in which you think up of way to end your research of this work
  6. Bibliography—for this paper, I would like you to only use books or periodicals you find in the library. Do not use Wikipedia. You should include at least 8 references

Dome of the Rock
Great Mosque of Cordoba
Al Azhar Mosque
Mosque Complex of Suleyman
Taj Mahal

Word Count: 1250 - 1500

Draft due: December 24 via email (a detailed outline of what you will write about in the final paper)

Final due: January 18 by the exam time via ePortfolio

Quick Find:


This is a Google-like search box that will search almost every resource in the library collection in one go.

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Your assignment - AUH



                                                                                                                Librarians can help you with the parts of your assignment that are in bold type.

Choose one book on Islamic Art, Architecture, or Ornamentation from ZU Library.
After reading this book the student is required to submit a 3-5min video book review on the topic (s) covered by the book.

This needs to include:

  • Author, Title, Date of Publication
  • General overview of contents of the book (Topic, time period)
  • Suggestions on why this book is useful or important and who would benefit from reading it.
  • Accessibility (was the book easy to read, did you understand the topics and learn from it).
  • Style (History, Reference, General, Specific, Academic, General)

Video can be completely digital or a mixture of digital and spoken word or just feature you talking about the book.*

Browsing the book collection

Browse the Library shelves using the call numbers below for books on Islamic Art and Architecture.
Information provided by Qatar University Library

N6250                     Islamic Art

NA                            Architecture

NA4050.I5              Islamic Inscriptions

NK3636.5               Islamic Calligraphy

NK3600-9990        Decorative Arts

Search the Library Catalog

For books on Islamic Art topics, try these keywords and phrases in the library catalog:
Information provided by Qatar University Library

Islamic arabesques
Islamic architecture
Islamic art
Islamic art and symbolism
Islamic calligraphy
Islamic decoration and ornament
Islamic design
Islamic gardens
Islamic geometry
Islamic metal-work
Islamic rugs
Islamic textile fabrics
Islamic tiles

Library Catalog Search

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