ART 221

How to Search

There are two standard options for searching:

  1. Basic search - provides one search box
  2. Advanced search - offers multiple boxes. A pulldown menu associated with each box allows searching with more options.

These boxes can be joined by the standard Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT. These can be used in both basic and advanced searches.

Advanced search also provides the option of applying up to five filters to specify geographic location(s) and classification(s); one also can specify a particular date or range of dates.


  • Browse by Geography-Retrieves images associated with a geographic location (it may include the nationality of the creator and not the location of the image). 
  • Browse by Classification-Retrieves images associated with any of the sixteen classifications of images in ARTstor. Some images are associated with more than one classification.
  • Browse by Collection-Retrieves images associated with a specific collection (e.g., Art Institute of Chicago Collection). Some of these collections are very large.


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