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Communication & Media Sciences

A subject resource guide for Communication & Media Sciences

Tip - Ask a Librarian

There is still much to be written about Comm and Media in the UAE! Sometimes it will be very difficult to find information on Communication and Media and the UAE. Contact a Librarian anytime you need help with your research.

Keywords to search

These keywords will help you find information in the library catalog and in article databases on communication and media professionals, professions and topics in the UAE:

Keywords related to location:

  • Emirates or United Arab Emirates or UAE
  • Dubai might work, but Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain may be too narrow
  • You may need to use even broader terms such as Arab or Middle East or Gulf

Keywords related to topic (the relevance of these will of course vary, depending on your subject):

  • journalism, broadcasting, media, cinema, film, director, producer
  • women, female, gender

Sample database searches

The following are direct links to the specific searches in the databases listed. If you are off-campus, you must log into the Extranet first. For more information, visit our Connect from Off-campus page.

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